Easy guide on how to become a better player in PvPRunescape

PK’ing in Runescape is a very complicated and tricky subject. It looks deceiving because everyone thinks they can pick it up and do it, but it is far more complex. With f2p players, there is only so much you can do, but with members, it is an entirely different story. This guide will give you some worthwhile information on how to become a better PvP player and win more duels.

  1. Watch other’s duel

Go on YouTube or go into Wildy and watch other people. How they fight, what items do they use, when they drink potions, how they switch prayers and when do they time their moves. Every detail is crucial. If you can pick-up at least 5 percent of what happened in the duel, you will be ready soon enough. Remember that RS3 and OSRS are an entirely different animal, so learn your game first.

  1. Have resources

If you only have items for a single duel, don’t even bother staking or going into the wilderness unless you are a complete maniac. You need to stack up because losses do occur and you do not want to end-up utterly broke after just one fight. The best and quickest way is to buy 2007 RS gold or RS3 gold from a gold site. Probemas is one of those sites that you can genuinely trust. Buy items and after a lost duel (if it happens) you can instantly hit the GE and repurchase everything. Then, of to duelling again. Also, staking more can mean winning more. Just as in real-life, risk it for a biscuit… Or 500 mil…

Easy guide on how to become a better player in PvPRunescape

  1. Every inventory space counts

When you are out there fighting, one piece of food too little or one too many potions left-over could wound you up dead. Use those 28 spaces wisely. People usually carry a few weapons and stack up the rest of their inventory with prayer, strength, antipoison or other potions. It’s vital that you have a finishing weapon. Quickly switch to this weapon (D Claws, D dagger) which has a special attack and finish your opponent while they are low on health. You can follow other inventory guides or learn it yourself, remember that almost every opponent is different, so you need a universal set.

  1. Stay on your guard

This is arguably the hardest part in the long run. Everyone has excellent stretches where they feel invincible, and everyone has rough patches where nothing seems to go your way. If you are feeling hot, keep it under the carpet. Don’t let that get into your head because overconfidence will lead to your eventual demise.

  1. Maximize your PC’s and internet performance

When you are duelling or fighting, the worst thing that could happen is seeing a connection lost symbol and reconnecting to know that you have died. It’s frustrating, to say the least, so before going into battle, close all unnecessary browser windows, avoid downloading stuff and prepare to focus on your opponent, not something else.